Door Security
We fit Solid Core Wooden doors to replace existing units,
with heavy duty door closers (if required)
Solid Core Door
Solid Core Wooden Door
(with extra cost panels)
Door Closer
Adjustable closing force with optical strength indicator,
adjustable closing speed, adjustable back check and latching action via the arm.
All valve adjustments on the front of the mechanism.
These thief resistant surface locks provide a high level of protection from being forced,
        drilled, and/or hacksawed. There are various styles and finishes available.

Yale 89 Yale 89with dead locking Colours: Grey 47.95
Chrome 56.95
Brass 54.95
Era 193 Era 193with handle locking Colours: Satin 62.95
Chrome 62.95
Brass 62.95
Era 1930 Era 1930 BS3621with handle locking Colours: Satin 74.95
Chrome 74.95
Brass 74.95
Yale P1 Yale P1with handle locking Colours: Grey 112.95
Chrome 129.95
Brass 129.95
Yale PBS1 Yale PBS1 BS3621with handle locking Colours: Grey 149.95
Chrome 183.95
Brass 179.95
Cisa Lock Cisa MED Lockwith manual or electric releasing Colour: Grey 95.95
Chubb 3G114e Designed for domestic and commercial use,
these deadlocks provide exceptional security
for main entrance wooden doors.
Tested and certified to BS3621:2007 for Thief
Resistant Locks, these locks provide a high
level of protection from being forced,
drilled, and/or hacksawed.
Chubb 3K74e

We have two styles (as pictured) with Satin and Brass face colours available.

Era 3615 Lever Deadlock24.95
Era 3625 Lever for handles24.95
Chubb 3G114e5 Lever Deadlock59.95
Chubb 3K74e5 Lever for handles77.95
Era 805 Era 805Door Bolt (with std key)Colours: White 25.95
Brown 25.95
Era 806 Era 806Door Bolt (with cut key)Colours: White 30.95
Brass 37.95
Brown 30.95
Era 807 Era 807Door Bolt (with cut key)Colours: White 43.95
Brass 52.95
Grey 43.95
                    Door Security Picture
Door Chain 14.95Colours: Brass
Hinge Bolt12.95Colours: Brass
Door Viewer - Plastic Lens Wide (180 degrees)14.95Colours: Brass
Door Viewer - Glass Lens Wide (180 degrees)26.95Colours: Brass

NOTE: Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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