Window Locks

We have various styles and finishes available.
The most common are listed below, there are others that we can supply.

Era 802       Era 801Snap lock - standard keyColour: white   14.95
brown  14.95
Era 802       Era 802Snap lock - cut keyColour: white   19.95
brown  19.95
brass   24.95
Era 803       Era 803Sash window bolt, standard keyColours: white   24.95
brown   24.95
Era 804       Era 804Sash window bolt, cut keyColours: white   32.95
brown   32.95
Era 820       Era 820Window stay locks, standard keyColours: silver   10.95
brass   12.95
Era 822       Era 822Sash stops, standard keyColours: silver   13.95
brass   14.95
sash stop       GenericSash stops, standard keyColours: silver   9.95
brass   9.95
We also supply and fit
window grilles which open
and close and are fitted
with security locks.
Collapsible Window Gate

NOTE: Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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